Marshmallow Existence

It's getting hot in here hovering over the flames Laughing faces in anticipation Molding to society Confining spaces just erases

Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside Bending, mending, always trending Getting dizzy in the defending

It's proprietary, don't ya know Don't fight it It's the right to tear In the midst of the fear

Don't try it You won't like it It requires you to fight it On the outside while it's quite fried On the inside it's as if it died

Don't try it You won't like it It takes more than just a campfire night It's a jump into the flames like a chump Thinking it's time to train

All the while they just smile Waiting in anticipation For their crispy on the outside Soft on the inside marshmallow existence

June 23, 2019

(Featured artwork Beautiful Mess by Gopal Mehan)