• Julie McVey

Into the Light of the Divine

It’s time to rest, old friend. It’s time to find deep peace in truly knowing. Knowing on another level of understanding. A level that is open and beautiful and awe-inspiring in every way. Your senses are now expanded beyond this place so that the vibrant colors of your dwelling spark your soul with wonder, so that the melodic music surrounding you is in harmonious rhythm with your own heart, so that the gentle lightness of your existence caresses your spirit like a cool breeze in the warm sunlight. It’s time to move forward but not in a stunted, gasping for breath kind of way. Your soul is released from its temporary training ground. Your soul may glide into growth and experience the Divine unhindered by this limited, physical dimension, preparing you for what’s to come, on into eternity. As you encounter your loved ones who went before you, the unconditional love poured out and into you is powerfully transformative as they are infused by the Divine. There is no escaping this love and no desire to, easy to give and easy to receive. What childlike excitement fills you as you joyfully anticipate what lies ahead. Yet you can still look back at the ones you loved on this journey, and in a moment you’re there by their side to offer comfort. It is these connections, these relationships, you made that you bring along with you as you travel the eternal path where each turn takes you deeper and deeper into the Light of the Divine.

August 25, 2019

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