• Julie McVey

Beautiful Bumpy Road Ahead

Updated: Apr 20

I wonder to myself if it matters whether or not we can figure out anything in particular about Jesus or the Bible, or any “religious stance” for that matter. There’s something bigger than figuring out whether or not the Divine Figure checks off all the boxes of our religion, our faith…all the boxes that wrap us securely in some kind of comfortable, peanut-packaged, shipping container to heaven. I don’t know. I see a bumpy road ahead no matter where you are. No matter what religion you’re born into. Seems like our only purpose is to keep our eyes on the road, try not to run over others on the way to our destiny, enjoy the scenery, and invite any hitchhikers along the way to help them with their journey.

August 15, 2019

(Featured artwork by Steve Johnson)

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