• Julie McVey

Life is Short

Updated: Apr 20

We are souls having a physical, human experience. In other words, you are not your body. We travel around in these aging things and at some point, these aging things will die. We will not. Our curious, quite innocent souls will continue on in this fantastic, mysterious, unpredictable journey. However, our current vehicle may suddenly stop functioning tomorrow.

Many are in a great deal of pain, both physical and emotional. This human experience is very difficult for the vast majority. One thing that breaks my heart the most is seeing another suffer the loss of a loved one. My hope and prayer for that one is that they know deep down, somewhere intuitively within, that their loved one is still with them and still evolving, even if in a different way than we do in this physical realm, and that this gives them a bit of peace. How would your departed loved one want you to live the rest of your days on this earth?

Certainly, we all have varying degrees of limitations whether that’s physiological or environmental or whatever else. But even so, if you’re reading this you have many amazing advantages. This part of our soul journey is fleeting…it will be gone before you know it. We’re born into various and seemingly random life situations and have constraints placed on us that are often beyond our control; but within those limitations and constraints, are you living your life to the fullest? Only you can answer that for yourself. What is full to one person is not full to another person. If you are not living your life to the fullest, what steps can you take to do so? Because, let’s face it, life is short.

October 10, 2018

[Featured artwork Dandelion by Nicole Laceur]

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