• Julie McVey

Relentless Love

Updated: Mar 23

"But while he was still A LONG WAY OFF his father saw him and felt compassion for him and RAN and embraced him and kissed him." (Story of Prodigal Son)

The Love of the Father never fails, it never gives up, it never runs out on his child. Not ever.

The Father waits because his patience is wonderfully endless. We can't quite understand such infinite longsuffering. We are bound by our own limited experience of time. The father stands on the edge of his doorstep looking out on the horizon searching for a glimpse of the return of his wayward son. At first sight of the slightest image of his son far off in the distance, he runs to him. He doesn't bother to wait for the son to come up to his property, because it is simply impossible for the father to contain his joy at the sight of his son. The father runs toward the hesitant and broken son. The father runs with expectation and joy, the father who never once lost hope in the return of his son.

The father never stopped speaking to his son, to his broken heart and soul. Our words are written on our children's hearts forever and these words guide them as they go. We even see the prodigal son in his brokenness "come to his senses" and remember the gracious ways of his father when he says to himself that even the hired men have more than he has now.

As a father/mother, we never give up on our children. We never stop speaking to them. How much more our God does for his children. Glory! Rest in the One who has got you...and your child. Always has and always will.

April 2017

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