• Julie McVey

A Place to Call Your Own

Updated: Mar 22

Making your own decisions

Based on everything you hear

Family, friends, media, trends

All seem so sincere

Been given some gift

That's what you have been told

Even looked it up

But that book seems so old

Consumed by life, money, and pride

Just a good person with nothing to hide

Used to know your way, but now you're just a stray

Looking for a place to call your own

Looking at your options now

You've never felt so lost

Used to have all the answers

But look at what it cost

All the things you've said and done

All that you hold dear

Does it really matter at all

Now it's not so clear

As your heart accepts the truth

His perfect plan revealed

Your life was not at all in vain

And by His grace you're healed

June 1994

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