Kindness Changes Everything

We all know that tomorrow is not promised. Time is short. Doesn't it seem like 2019 just began? Yet, it's already October! What a crazy few years it has been. Political unrest. Religious battles. Many losses of both family and friends. I'm telling you, the only thing that's going to change this world is genuine kindness. Be kind to each and every person you come across this day, even those with whom you disagree and those with whom you have very different beliefs. That simple act of kindness you extend this day will be the catalyst that shifts the entire momentum of both this planetary and this human trajectory towards a spiritual evolutionary progression that leads to healing that brings to earth the "kingdom of God" you've always desired.

Kindness. So simple, yet we make it so complex through our pride and our personal "religious" and "cultural" wants and desires. It's time to come together, as Christ and many other enlightened ones desired for us at this time. Put aside your pride and your thoughts of "other" and recognize we are One. One people. One humanity. One purpose. Let's evolve...through love, compassion, mercy, and a touch of wisdom in the perfect recipe of restoration for all.

October 9, 2019