These Walls

Our bodies... they confine us in ways we don't quite understand. Someday our souls will rise above these walls that keep us securely fastened in our temporary, physical classrooms. One day when we are ready to graduate and move on to yet another sort of classroom, we will look back on this mysterious and glorious phase with appreciation and gratitude. We will finally have eyes to see that the walls of some look nothing like our wall. We will look into this world and see walls cracked beyond repair. We will smell the poisonous fumes that leaked through those cracks and caused an incurable toxic reaction in others' souls. We will finally understand that each soul has its very own unique wall to overcome and we will be able to give grace and mercy and forgiveness on a level that surpasses anything we've experienced this side of our wall.

October 16, 2018

[Featured artwork Brick Wall by Lippyeyes]