• Julie McVey

Mom's Book of Poetry---Intro & Preface


This book of poems is a tribute to my mom who passed many years ago. I had wanted to put her poems into a book format for years but never felt I had the skills to do so until recently. This is also a gift for my siblings with whom I grew up. I do hope they find these poems as a vehicle to dive into the heart of our mom in a very unique way. As a writer of poetry myself, I find these precious pieces of my mother’s intimate moments of reflection of self and other and nature and life quite touching, revealing, and humbling.

Preface from the author, Margaret Carroll:

"Words. I can never find enough of them or place them in the order I find them in my heart. Everything is words: feelings, needs, wants, even things we don’t want. Will there ever be just the right words to fill the pages with our heart? If I could just open one door to one heart, this book will be golden to me. Because it has taken me years of opening and closing doors and tearing down walls around myself to get to this point."

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