Art out of Shitstorms

I just realized something…you know who makes some of the best writers, artists, poets, songwriters? Those who’ve been let down over and over again. Those who have been abused. Those who have been hurt. Those who have been through some serious shitstorms…who, for one reason or another, received the situation in such a way that it penetrated their heart and changed them and left them permanently scarred…but didn’t destroy them. Maybe a part of them but didn’t totally destroy them. They still have something left within to share, and they share it in the most surprising and captivating way. Something so beautiful and profound…for those who are in a position to receive it. Give and receive, receive and give. I want to be one or the other at all times. What about you? Wow, to be able to create art out of a world of pain and hurt and to be able to give a gift of beauty from one’s ashes.

September 12, 2018

(Featured artwork Garden by Lawrence Yang)