Meatsuit Prison

Sometimes this meatsuit feels like a prison. Sometimes it feels like a heavy blanket blocking out most of the light; and if the eyes of my soul squint in just the right way and in just the right moment, a flash of indescribable colors passes by my field of vision. For a brief moment, true reality comes into focus. The illusion suddenly collapses and falls into a million pieces that disintegrates into an ocean of peace and excitement and life-altering waves of gentle transformation. I suddenly realize that what I thought was the breath of life is that which has kept me drowning, for I kept holding tightly to the image my trapped mind designed for this physical body. In that brief moment, I realize I agreed to this temporary prison, but that recognition brings little relief to what seems to be a very real and powerful reality in which my soul now resides.

February 23, 2020

(Featured artwork Tears of Regret by Morgan Pace)