In the Shadow of Vulnerability

The hour of the artist is nearing now It's almost midnight Something begins to stir and take form It begins as a shadow, so ambiguous

It's a moment of vulnerability Clarity pushing its way to the surface, desiring to be brought forth If it's not tapped into just at the right moment It escapes the artist and must be retrieved at another time

These moments are intense These moments demand attention But these moments also require some introspection So, it's a balancing act, of sorts

Spill it all out in one creative expression? Or hold it patiently and quietly within? Waiting for the moment of truth The moment it serves both inner and outer self

Sitting in heavy silence grasping the brush Shall I dip into the paint once again? Another color to embellish my vision? Let loose, let it go, let my hand be my guide

That is the moment no one can predict A moment of truth seen through vision not sight The birth of a new creation, the birth of clarity In the shadow of vulnerability

December 30, 2019