Church: Thief in the Night

Church You have robbed me Church, God's supposed hands and feet You have also robbed my children, left us deplete Your promise of unconditional love and caring support Your promise that the will of God no one could thwart The virus, the plague, the punishment to all who don’t play by the rules This game is yours, O Church--the pieces, the pawns, the cards, and the tools Your claim to fame is your access to peace, serenity, hope: a beacon of light But as with many forms of celebrity there is darkness and loss of your sight You’ve become the blind leading the blind, but how could one know? All falling into the ditch together, singing and clapping hands as we go You have left us hungry and thirsty and scared to death Church, running to our aid but stealing our last breath You are the thief in the night Church

March 24, 2020

[Featured artwork Annihilation Fan Art by Aleksandra Lech]