Artists Unite!

Some take snapshots with a camera and some take snapshots with a pen. Instruments of the artist—the camera or the pen—are like the larynx to the singer or the guitar to the musician or the paintbrush to the painter. The camera, the pen, the larynx, the guitar, the paintbrush…let us appreciate the valuable tools we use to express that which is deep within our mind's eye, the hidden parts of our heart, the depths of our soul, the ineffable pieces of our being, the colors of our joy and sorrow that transcend our physical experience. Every single one of us have an artistic, creative gift to develop and share. Let that gift bubble up to bursting levels and…recognize it and accept it and receive it. And, finally, share it. Artists unite! There is such freedom and contentment in recognizing the creative beauty within you and sharing it with others. So, do it…share your gift with the world.

January 5, 2020

(Featured artwork Trapped by Solimán López)